Introducing The Small Business Authority Index
The Financial Barometer of U.S. Small Business Health
Tap into the pulse of U.S. small-business health with The SB authority Small Business Index, and see where your business stands.
Welcome to The Small Business Authority
Newtek Business Services is proud to announce the launch of The Small Business Authority, and with it the new destination website for business owners,
Risky Business
What You Need to Know About Minimizing Business Risk Mitigating your business risk is key to both the survival and success of your business. Here’s what you need to know.
Health Bill
Health Care Impact
Recent health care reform has been the talk of the country over the past year. See what new health care rules mean to your business.
3 Tips for Boosting Sales
What keeps you awake at night? Based on a recent poll of nearly 300 small business owners by The Small Business Authority, one-third worry most about sales.
What the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act will Do for you
Relief at last. If your business is in need of capital, here’s what you need to know about a law that was enacted last September.
What are some of the advantages of merchant processing, compared with a third-party solution like PayPal?

Many business owners don’t understand the advantages of having their own merchant processing accounts, but there are several—not only to businesses, but also to customers.

The first advantage of a merchant account, which is important to you and your customers, is that your customers stay on your company’s site for the entire order process. If you use a third-party payment processor, customers have to leave your site to finalize their purchases. Many customers may leave the transaction at that point, which causes you to lose sales and causes your customers to become frustrated with your company. When you have your own merchant processing account, your customers can process their orders securely on your site and feel comfortable about the purchases they make.

Another advantage of having your own merchant account instead of a third-party solution is that you will receive your money more quickly. With NewtPay, The Small Business Authority’s payment gateway, you receive your money in 1-2 business days versus 3-5 business days with PayPal Express or Google Checkout. Your money is also more secure; with NewtPay, all of your funds are FDIC insured, which is not always the case with third-party solutions.

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