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How to Sustain Your Business While Taking Leave
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Programs Exist for Veteran Business Owners
Veterans who are business owners or who would like to become business owners can take advantage of a variety of programs.

For small businesses that depend on local customers (think retail, restaurants, etc.), it's easy to see how spending precious marketing dollars on internet advertising might not seem like the best use of funds. Let's face it: If someone from another town, especially another county or state, finds your website, there's a reasonable chance that this person will never set foot in your store.

The good news is, there's a better way for local-centric businesses to leverage the power of internet searches to increase foot traffic. It's called maps optimization.

If you have googled pizza delivery, for example, you've probably noticed that on Google (or Bing or Yahoo), a local maps listing will appear showing you, visually, where pizzerias are located in your area, along with their contact info. In some cases, you will see customer-generated reviews of those establishments.

Even better, getting listed on local search-engine maps is free. In fact, your business might already have a listing that was automatically created for you. If that's the case, your business only needs to "claim" the listing in order to modify the content within it.

If you own a local-centric business and you're interested in learning more about how to get listed on internet-search maps or how to get your listing ranked higher on map searches, The Small Business Authority can help.

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